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September 17, 2018

So You Want to Build an App…

The lightbulb has turned on! You have a killer idea that is going disrupt the tech world. And then reality sinks in...Now what? The prospect of building a mobile app from scratch can be incredibly intimidating. Whether you’re new to the mobile app market or consider yourself a veteran, you can always set yourself up for success with careful planning and iteration. As your guide for everything mobile app development, we’ve generated this step-by-step blueprint to help you navigate the process:

September 10, 2018

Measuring Your App’s Post-Launch Success

  The app that you’ve spent months, maybe even years, creating and iterating is finally available to download. Now you just have to wait for the hype to build itself up and shoot your product to the top of the charts...right? Well, not exactly. The chances of your app gaining a million users overnight without any ad spend or marketing effort (think Flappy Bird) are slim. There’s a myriad of metrics and analytical processes that can help you formulate a winning marketing plan that will increase traffic to, and within, your app. Designing and building the actual product is just the first step—attracting users and earning their screen time is

August 27, 2018

Finding Balance in UI/UX Design

  Creating a unique mobile application that stands out from the competition is certainly necessary for engaging users and generating profit. The temptation to create out-of-the-box user experiences in order to differentiate from other apps is great; however, adhering to standard design principles seen throughout the app store actually helps familiarize new users and keeps them coming back to the product. Pooling from our talented team of in-house designers, we’ve generated guidelines to keep in mind when thinking about the visual aesthetics and user experience of your next project.

August 13, 2018

Onshore vs. Offshore Development: The Truth

You have an idea for the next big app—you just need to build it. One of the first steps in the development process is hiring engineers, but building an internal team carries a heavy price tag and requires a lot of time. Hiring a mobile app development firm represents an efficient option to bring your concept to life. When comparing software consultancies, perhaps the most important criterion is where each firm sources its development, which can either be in-house or overseas. Both onshore and offshore teams have their pros and cons, but ultimately, there are three important things to keep in mind when making your decision:

August 01, 2018

A Roadmap for Mobile App Monetization

        In today’s “there’s an app for that!” world, it comes as no surprise that the mobile application market is rapidly expanding—in fact, gross app store revenue will surpass $101 billion globally by 2020. However, with an extremely saturated pool of products available at consumers’ fingertips, new companies face increasing pressure to develop unique, disruptive technologies that also turn a profit to capitalize upon this expanding economy. With dozens of successful apps launched, our team at Swenson He knows which strategies work and which ones don’t. We’ve forecasted the future of monetization so that our clients stay on the